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Pokemon Ash Ketchum Trainer Cosplay Costume

SKU: 3026-1001-00

* Source: pokémon pocket monsters

* Great pokemon cosplay with this costume

* Includes : Trousers + 2 T-shirts+ 2 Gloves+a Hat

* Fit for men and women and chirldren, wonderful parent-child attire !

Pokemon Ash Ketchum Trainer Cosplay Costume

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Regular Price: $129.00

Now only: $109.00


Fit for men and women and chirldren, best parent-child outfit

Ash's first outfit--Original series

Ash wore this outfit from Pokémon - I Choose You! to Gotta Catch Ya Later!.

One of the curious notes about Ash's first outfit is that, unlike May, Dawn, and Iris, while it is clear his clothing is directly inspired by Red's, it is a unique outfit design in its own right. This fact is also echoed by the outfits of Brock and Misty, which were designed purely for the anime instead of using the outfits seen in the games themselves and the artwork for the games. The outfit is a blue and white jacket with gold trim worn open over a black t-shirt with jeans, sneakers, green, fingerless gloves, a green backpack, and of course, Ash's hat. The only part of the outfit with a known story behind it is the hat, which Ash won from a contest from the Pokémon League. However, other parts of the outfit are notable for practical reasons: Ash kept his Kanto, Orange League, and Johto Badges pinned to the inside of the jacket, and hung his Poké Balls from his belt. Ash would turn his hat backwards when he was concentrating heavily, such as when he would face a Trainer or capture a Pokémon. This was very much the case early in his journey in Kanto, though by the time his journey in Johto ended, he hardly ever turned his cap.


Pokémon Pocket Monsters

Pokémon, known in Japan as Pocket Monsters (ポケットモンスター, Poketto Monsutā?), is one of the first Pokémon manga to come out in Japan and ran for 63 volumes. In Singapore it is published by Chuang Yi in English.[1] While the first series is set in Kanto, and then Johto, new series are released based on Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova. The author is Kosaku Anakubo.

Ash Ketchum is the main protagonist of the Pokémon anime series who has always dreamed of becoming a Pokémon Master and as soon as he hit the age of ten, he rushed to Professor Oak's Laboratory to get his first Pokémon. He's the first character to be introduced in the series.



Originally wanting to choose Squirtle, Ash ended up getting the Pokémon Pikachu, and left on his journey. At first, Pikachu did not listen to Ash and kept running away, so Ash had to tie him up. Then after getting chased by a flock of Spearow, Ash attempted to save Pikachu from them; Pikachu, after seeing Ash so determined to help him, protected Ash from the Spearow. From then on, Pikachu and Ash became best friends for life. As a completely unskilled trainer, Ash started his adventure; while meeting his friends Misty and Brock and capturing new Pokémon. Ash eventually defeated all the Gym Leaders in Kanto, allowing him to enter in the Pokémon League. Since then, he has continued to travel, make new friends such as Tracey, May, Max and Dawn; challenging all Gym Leaders and capturing new Pokémon, while still following his goal of becoming a Pokémon Master. Since this goal is so close to his heart, he sometimes acts a bit rash and rushes to the next battle he can as fast as possible. Ash is currently traveling in the Unova region, with his new friends: Iris and Cilan. Ash's name in the Japanese version of the anime is Satoshi, which is also the name of the creator of Pokémon. It is unknown who Ash's father is; but, according to 'Pokémon Live!', it is stated that his mother dated Giovanni and was in his gang, but took a better route in life when she met Ash's father.

Buy this cute Pokemon Ash Ketchum costume for your children, it's a wonderful parent-child outfit, so cute!


Pokemon Ash Ketchum Costume review:

* Source: Pokemon

* Character: Pokemon Ash Ketchum

Costume: Trousers + 2 T-shirts+ 2 Gloves

     Weight: 0.8kg

     Material: Uniform


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Shipping fastReview by Sam
Shipping fast (Posted on 7/9/13)
NiceReview by Narod
It is so nice, I like it. (Posted on 7/9/13)
not expensiveReview by Conny
not expensive, but good quality. (Posted on 7/5/13)
NiceReview by Hoony
I like it very much. (Posted on 7/5/13)
Not badReview by Honny
Not bad (Posted on 7/5/13)
Not bad...Review by King
Not bad. (Posted on 4/12/13)
Good qualityReview by Woki
Excellent quality and reasonable price.
(Posted on 4/12/13)
very niceReview by Jaken
When I dress it, it is very fit me. (Posted on 4/12/13)
Good qualityReview by Tom
good quality ,I like it. (Posted on 4/12/13)
not badReview by Mack
I bought it for my cosplay party next week, I think it is not bad. (Posted on 4/12/13)

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