Half Good and Half Bad Film New Batman 3 Costume

Half Good and Half Bad Film New Batman 3 Costume

Finished watching the movie feeling and how much violence does not render, in jail instead found the feeling of a first paragraph. The film’s biggest regret is that there is no transcendence, stop staying still came to the last, seems to be the second peak are already there, what’s the fresh things. More defects is some actor bad! Anne hathaway’s catwoman is history’s most no cat taste not sexy worst version! Like jolin tsai as poor imitation of Marilyn Monroe. She was not even the role of Marion has lasting appeal. More disappointed hardy play a villain, felt like a straw bag items, not brilliant, not small. The mask is not as good as Anthony Hopkins scary! Body fat, action is slow, it is nothing. No more exclusive trick that without a BOSS fight over at last. While “positive” role is much better, especially a few old play bone, each eye is so good! How many times stronger than hathaway is really don’t know! But batman tend to be the most brilliant villain, so positive role again good, the proportion is out of balance! To sum up, with the expectation, with excitement, also with touched, more left disappointed, is also a moment of silence for the dead to see a movie, let them rest in peace! As the neutron bomb exploded at a distance in the deep sea, though powerful, but also slim in vain!

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The Call of Duty 10 Official Confirmation! I Set with 4 Modern Warfare Return

The Call of Duty 10 Cosplay Official Confirmation! I Set with 4 Modern Warfare Return

Activision is now the fourth degree of telephone meeting, and here we are very glad to tell you that activision has been officially confirmed in 2013, they would continue to “call of duty” series included in their plans. That is to say, in the fourth quarter of 2013, we will continue to have 10 “call of duty! Not only that, CEO of activision also have officially acknowledged a latest call of duty game is under development. According to the law of these two years, since 2012, “the call of duty 9″ is made of longtime development, and basically maintained between the I and a group a year of a cycle, so we guess the new call of duty game will be developed by the hands of Infinity Ward, probably at the end of 2013 we the players will once again usher in “the call of duty: modern warfare” series: “the call of duty 10, 4″ modern warfare.

8 “call of duty: modern warfare 3,” if we should continue to guess, although in the fourth quarter of 2013, that is, when the call of duty “10 listed, PS4 and Xbox 720 is likely to have official meet with the player, but” the call of duty 10 “should be on active service host and PC, and launch next generation host transplantation version at a later time. Or activision also for next generation in separate production with a host of “the call of duty”?

From this piece of activision 2013 key priorities in the figure, in addition to the key 2013 latest 10 “call of duty, we can also see they are trying to expand their business areas, started work on a whole new game series, and the investment in the development of new business model (F2P?) Unfortunately we have not get any other messages about 10 “call of duty, let us continue to look forward to this year a year FPS game! “The call of duty 9″ game screenshot.

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Call of Duty 10 Warning Posters The Original is a Net Friend PS Parody

Call of Duty cosplay 10 Warning Posters The Original is a Net Friend PS Parody

Recently a picture showing the 11-11-13 date circulated on the Internet, appears to be the next trailer for the poster of “the call of duty”. It is important to note in the lower left corner of the picture with Neversoft Logo. According to some of the companies, according to resume on Linkedin seems Neversoft is currently in the development of a first-person shooter that had not been published. As Microsoft Xbox next generation to be announced, we can only imagine a new call of duty game will follow. But the picture below, also see whether 10 “call of duty is” 4 “modern warfare or other new works.

Has confirmed that Neversoft development “the call of duty” Linkedin directory of the game.

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Want to Develop Watch Dogs? Ubisoft Invite You Send New Forecast

Want to Develop Watch Dogs? Ubisoft Invite You Send New Forecast

The E3, is an absolute highlight the watch dogs works, but the super drag detective Aiden Pierce hacker traffic signal, personal data, and security systems, he is just a code, you want to continue to grind so tough work by himself? Trailer: apple users video entry ubisoft today released the trivia of forecast, invited to have enthusiasm for the game, to make experience people to join the best group of players, including game production, publicity, sales.

Watch Dogs has won the high recognition from the world, to join the game more exciting, the reservation 2013 landing Xbox360, PS3 and PC platforms. High strength video images:

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Halo 4 Should Be So Popular Server Has Been Flooded

Halo 4 Should Be So Popular Server Has Been Flooded

Microsoft officials yesterday officially launched its exclusive Xbox360 blockbuster Halo 4 (Halo 4), but when a player online gaming experience encountered some trouble, such as “server error”, these problems have affected some of the players online gaming experience, quick to Microsoft to the game server issues were investigated and issued the following statement – “because at the same time has a large online gamers access Halo 4 server, so this problem is not a surprise. But players please be assured that we have learned that some players will occasionally server connection problems, is now actively take measures to solve this problem!”

But the official did not disclose the problem at this point is the solution of the general and specific time and plan. Halo 4 “is owned by Microsoft monopoly game series Xbox360 halo’s latest sequel orthodoxy, the game studio by 343, the full series sold more than 46 million. Halo 4 “tells the story of long noncommissioned officers and partners of artificial intelligence, down to the life of a mysterious planet, star alliance attempting to summon ancient forerunner” Didact “conspiracy to destroy life, and prevent the action of the program! Early game screenshot

As follow, master chief with Halo 4 helmet.

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